Friday, May 10, 2013

La Petit Paradis Foie Gras

It may seem a bit odd that I kick off this Singapore food blog about with a review about a local stall specializing in French food. But what the heck, madly good food is madly good food, be it char kuay teow, chilli crab or duck confit!

I had been coming to Le Petit Paradis, a single stall in a spiffied up 'eating house' on East Coast Road for a couple of months now. But it was my most recent visit two days ago that prompted me to kick off and finally delve into the dark side that is food blogging . Their food really is that madly good!

There are several dishes at Le Petit Paradis that are outstanding, but there is one in particular that is calling out to be written about first.

Le Petit Paradis foie gras

I'm not a fan of liver by any means. In fact, I particularly loathe liver -- you couldn't pay me enough to eat it. Well, maybe you could, it's just that no one has offered to pay me to eat liver yet.

But I had a good feeling about the foie gras at Le Petit Paradis -- there was something enticinglyly delectable about the way it looked in the picture on the menu. Very strange for a liver loather like me.  It's like Clark Kent suddenly developing an appreciation for the green glow of Kryptonite. 

But I digress..

The serving size seemed small. A neat little oval of foie gras, about three inches long and a quarter of an inch thick. Expensive stuff I know, but I figured I got less than what I paid for at $8.50.
La Petit Paradis Foie Gras
La Petit Paradis Foie Gras

I looked over at my companion, the divine Miss N, and told her she could have most of it. I wanted the tiniest sliver of foie gras, just for a little taste. I reckoned I would probably have to choke it down in a hurry anyway, before the livery assault on my tastebuds.

Remember what I said about Clark Kent earlier? Well, now imagine Clark Kent in full Superman regalia, stuffing his mouth full of Kryptonite and loving it! The cross over to my personal Alternate Universe was complete. 

Unctuous. That's a word I've wanted to use for a long time.

Le Petit Paradis foie gras is unctuous beyond belief. In fact, it is the Holy Grail of unctuousness. It is like eating bone marrow that has been steeped in butter and flavorful duck fat, and served directly from the frying pan of the gods.

I might have to go back on my statins after several servings of this.

Layered over the slice of lightly seared foie gras were tiny cubes of apple stewed in balsamic vinegar which cut through the richness of the fat.  A nice touch also were the little crunchy croutons that added a beautiful contrasting texture. And there was only the slightest hint of a livery aftertaste in the foie gras itself.

This is really a dish that is meant to be shared, simply so that you can look over at your partner's face and see the same joy and amazement that you yourself are feeling as the foie gras simply melts in your mouth.

Madness rating: 5/5. Stark raving, howl at the moon madness!

Le Petit Paradis
125 East Coast Road
Ali Baba Eating House
Tel: 64406147